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2021 Boys Rugby
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Rugby is a game about commitment and teamwork.  Scrums and rucks are tough and powerful.  Lineouts make trust and friendships come together.  Rugby is a free-flowing game with 30 competitors on the field at once - all being managed by a single referee.  While rugby can be elegant, it can also be violently chaotic.  But there is comfort in the chaos knowing there is constant support from your teammates wherever you are on the field.  In rugby, when one person scores - the whole team takes the glory because good players know the biggest threat to any rugby team is an unchecked ego.  To summarize, nothing will prepare you for the pressures, failures and successes of life like the game of rugby. 


If you have never played, those who have will tell you that there is nothing like leaving everything on the field for your teammates.  If you know nothing about Rugby and want a brief explanation, check out this video created by the Leicester Tigers.


Every sport claims to be unique - but nothing is truly like rugby.  We like to say that rugby has been scaring normal people since 1823. 




It is the goal of Rugby Ohio (our governing body) to conduct as normal a spring season as possible in 2021.  Consequently, Warrior Rugby intends to conduct a full season for youth flag (grades 3-6); M.S. Boys; M.S. Girls; H.S. Boys; and, H.S. Girls programs.

Rugby is, by definition, a 'collision' game.  Therefore, our ability to compete in the Spring of 2021 will be almost entirely dependent upon how the COVID-19 situation plays out over the next few months.

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